Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Shopping Baskets Wholesale

Joan Subirós and Antonio Subirós first began manufacturing shopping bags back in 1965, when they were used by all grocery stores.
Today, Shopping Basket S.L. , with Antonio Subirós as its chairman, manufactures baskets with and without wheels for supermarkets and department stores.

The basket is the first “feeling” that the client has when entering your supermarket. If the basket is nice, it glides smoothly and makes no noise, the client will feel at ease and have a good imagine of the establishment.
The key to success of our company is the pursuit for excellence. We are continuously researching in our design department to improve and innovate.

The company has:
A team of designers and engineers capable of launching a new basket every year.
A team working at the Factory in Rubí (Barcelona) which allows us to constantly improve productivity.
A highly professional commercial and administrative team that considers the present and future of the company. 

The teams at Shopping Basket S.L. and the quality of our products, which generate confidence among customers, have enabled us to expand to 27 countries. 

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